Commercial Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a planting process whereby a mixture of seed and mulch is sprayed over prepared ground in a uniform layer as an alternative to the traditional process of seeding. This seeding method promotes quick germination and inhibits soil erosion because the mulch content in the hydroseed mixture helps maintain moisture levels of seeds and seedlings. The mixture often contains other ingredients including fertilizer and tackifying agents.

Advantages of Hydroseeding Over Dry Seeding

  • Hydroseeded lawns come up faster because increased hydration triggers the germination cycle.
  • Hydroseeding has a natural appearance and does not require straw (or other material) to be used as a protective cover, as newly dry seeded area might.
  • Hydroseeding mulch does not contain weed seed (straw, for example, is loaded with weed seed).
  • Our hydroseeding service allows us to customize our process and make sure we recommend the proper seed-to-mulch ratio for each unique seeding environment.